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Position:  Business representative 
  Release  date :  2015-09-18   deadline: 2015-10-30
 Working hours:  full-time working 
 Working place:  Shenzhen 
 Hiring: 1 person salary: negotiable 
 Job Requirements: 
1.  two years working experience in marketing and sales;
2. with good service consciousness, strong ability of marketing planning and good communication skills and negotiation skills; 
3. love sales work, have certain ability to under pressure, environmental adaptation ability, adapt to frequent business trips. 
Job description:
1. according to the company's sales plan to complete the development and sale of customers within its jurisdiction;
 2. assist company to constantly meet customer quality improvement goals; 
 3.  actively maintaining good relationship with existing customers, timely handle customer objections and problems; 
 4. according to customer needs, and will arrange, complete the training to the customer, improve the skill level of cooperation store technician; 
 5.collect and feedback market information, timely adjustment of marketing strategy
to assist in company. 
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