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Company Introduction


NEUSOND CO., LTD. was found in March, 2014. It is a Sino-U.S. joint venture company. The chairman, Professor Zheng, used to be a teacher at Dongbei University and Vice president of Neusoft Co., Ltd (A share public company).


Professor Zheng has engaged in Study and research in audio industry over 30 years, and his team has registered over 20 patents in the past few years, which cover the speaker driver unit, amplifier, acoustic construction and appearance design. Our management team includes 4 professors and 5 doctors. We have gathered a team of the best engineers who have over 10 years experience in this field. They are engaged in the products design, technical support and manufacturing and Quality management.


Based on the current technology and patents, we are making continuous technological innovation to present fantasy audio products at a terrific value to our clients. Our main products include Bluetooth Speaker, WIFI speaker, smart speaker, Sound Bar, TV Speaker, and Car Speaker.ect.


Our vision is focus on our user and current technology to develop innovation new products at a good value.



Self president

Professor of DongBei University, “The father of China CT industry”

Graduated from Dongbei University with diploid master’s degree at physics and computer science and become a teacher at Dongbei University. Professor Zheng has developed the first medical CT in China in Dongbei University at 1997. Under the support of president of Neusoft Co., ltd., He established Neusoft medical system Co., Ltd at 1998 and developed a series of medical machine. This has made a great success. At the early of 2014, Professor Zheng established Neusound Co, ltd. He loves radio and audio and pursuits to research the perfect sound quality speaker since he was just 10 years old that become his child dream and then he have done a lot of study and research[ on radio, audio & HiFi since that time.

He used to successful repair a wireless radio station when he went to the countryside as an educated person at 1970’s. Professor Zheng and his team have registered 15 patents regarding Speaker driver unit, amplifier design, acoustic construction and appearance design in the past few years.

“With the current technology and patents we have, we will create a new audio brand in China that can compete with Bose. He said.


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