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No. Area Name of company/shop The url Type
1   Awake up to Jin Huacheng stores http://fendajhc.tmall.com/  
2   Xiamen WeiHang digital stores http://xmwhsm.tmall.com/  
3   Love the sound digital stores http://ayssm.tmall.com/  
4   Great leaps electric outlet http://hongtengdq.tmall.com/  
5   Blue wind digital stores http://lanfengsm.tmall.com/   
6   Beijing Ming digital stores http://jingmingsm.tmall.com/  
7   Dense rabbit digital stores  http://wantusm.tmall.com/  
8   The new black silk ribbon digital stores  http://xlshuma.tmall.com/  
9    Sail electrical digital shop http://shop64263867.taobao.com/  
10   Yu feng electrical outlet http://shop71013375.taobao.com/  
11   Shantou Jin Huacheng digital mall http://shop61678895.taobao.com/   
12   Awake up to sound level agent http://shop111475709.taobao.com/   
13    Flat and light distribution center http://shop59046436.taobao.com/   
14   Hong xiang installed the supermarket http://shop72938544.taobao.com/  
15   Hong xiang electronic accessories hypermarket http://shop106513401.taobao.com/  
16   Quanta digital http://shop101293897.taobao.com/  
17   Love dou shi digital stores http://adsshuma.tmall.com/  
18   Music Station stereo http://shop69781725.taobao.com/  


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